Chef and Team

Markus Chef’s Kitchen incorporates the elements to create an idyllic dining room far away from the noise. The sky is the ceiling and the kitchen its entertainment with an enchanting garden that holds it all.

The best theatre for chef and owner Mark is one that sparks the curiosity of his guests; no less, than by seeing their dishes come to life. Assuring the day into the night, a central bar, lounge and after-hours room completes the restaurant. An ode to wild and free Ibiza, the seamless design welcomes everyone to the table.

Set within the stretches of sleepy San Lorenzo, Markus Chef’s Kitchen is Mark Gelman’s progressive interpretation of classic Ibiza.

With a clear brief of its own, the restaurant pays homage to the island’s rich red soil and natural bounty. Every sunrise, Mark begins by selecting the best local ingredients to inspire the adapting menu.

Mediterranean staples fuse with Chef’s Israeli schooling and restaurateur background to fashion dishes that reflect what happens when tradition meets contemporary, global influence.